Sharepoint is...Fun?


Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire's Solution Development Lifecycle refers to the sum of the people, artifacts, and tools involved in the development of their custom software. Canadian Tire needed a SharePoint that shepherded and oriented everyone through this Development Lifecycle.


  • Designer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Sharepoint Administrator
  • Information Architect

example of the logo in use on an instagram feed

Sitemap and IA

A design project with this many stakeholders begins with building out workflows that suit user needs.

You can see the completed sitemap on Miro

the SDLC interface is an interactive flowchart

An Interactive Flowchart

The SDLC flowchart is a navigational and orientational tool. But above all, it allows stakeholders to answer that ever present question:

"What do I need to do?"

Imagine if instead of reading through page after page, you could just access what you needed in a visual, contextualized way?

the SDLC interface is an interactive flowchart

Organized Content, Optimized Search.

Columns and managed properties are use for uploading and tagging content, so the SharePoint is certain to remain healthy and useable.

That means all documents, pages, and contents are:

  • Searchable
  • Organized
  • Versioned
  • Shared Appropriately
developer use page

Consistent Design Language

All pages a bound to a regular style to reinforce trustworthiness and authority of the platform.

  • Headers
  • Colour
  • Typography

Achieved through custom graphics, CSS/jQuery deployments, and edits to the Sharepoint master templates.

flowchart icons flowchart icons flowchart icons flowchart icons flowchart icons flowchart icons flowchart icons

Flowchart Icons

The client requested a comprehensive diagramming system. This was used by me and later handed off to the in-house team for the creation of flowcharts and other diagrams.