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Legal Marketing


Gowling WLG (international lawfirm)


Gowling WLG provides legal services in key sectors, including energy, financial services, life sciences, natural resources, infrastructure, real estate and tech.

A key branding element is the "loupe" - a tool jewelers use to examine the fine details of precious stones. The loupe represents attention to detail, and can be found in the logo, and the transparent graphical element placed over ads to focus on key visuals.

These ads ran in trade journals, newspapers, and environmental collateral at conferences.


  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Production
a fake faberge egg with the heading imitation isn't flattery, its counterfeiting.


Gowling WLG serves a lot of IP needs, including the protection of brands, patents, and other designs.

I made the fake egg.


Eric Forest

Rose Hendry

Shiloh Taylor

Design / Photography / Production

Eric Forest

a woman doing yoga in an exotic locale while listening to headhpones. a cassette player with a focus on a red record button.

Entertainment Law, IP

Music piracy is an old problem that continually faces new challenges. Gowling WLG has been there the whole time.


Eric Forest

Rose Hendry

Shiloh Taylor

Design / Photo Manupulation

Eric Forest

5 lightbulbs, showing old to new technology, only the newest led bulb is lit. caption: because the world changed again today A man taking care of a large solar panel at a solar farm. caption: from perovskites to patent law, we know solar. a farm in the middle of nowhere that is solar powered.

Energy Sector

The energy sector is an ever changing technological and legal landscape. Golwing WLG attracted clients to cover patents on new tech, but also for advisement on regulatory matters.


Chris Torbay

Eric Forest

Design / Photo Manipulation

Eric Forest