The Revel logo, which is wine smudge with the words 'Revel Catering' inside of it

Revel Catering


Shawn McNaulty, Erin McCormick, Owners


Create a flexible visual identity that can be deployed by the client over multiple platforms in surprising, creative ways.

REVEL Catering seeks to appear fun, vibrant, a little bit edgy, but without alienating corporate or wedding orders.

Digital media was seen as the primary means of deployment, but it was still necessary to keep the logo deployable onto fabrics, wood engraving, and vinyl.


  • Logo Design
example of the logo in use on an instagram feed closeup of a charceuterie plate with the logo overlaid


The client was supplied with custom graphic marks, which their staff could easily apply to a range of social media.

A catering truck outside an office building with the logo on the side and back doors


Using two colours of vinyl and gloss media achieved a visual impact similar to RGB gradients.

a server unloading a truck with the Revel logo on her apron

Screen Printed

A one-colour version of the logo can be screen printed onto fabrics. Ageing of the screen print and logo through multiple washings only make it better.

black and white logo 1-colour logo


The logo can still be applied "flat."

logo sketches on a drafting table logo sketches logo sketches logo sketches logo sketches


Nothing is ever right the first time.