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Custom Wood Dash




My 1972 Triumph Spitfire had a plastic dashboard that was broken in many places. I decided to make something a little more elegant out of cherrywood.


  • Pattern Maker
  • Carpenter
dashboard full view cut out dashboard, not installed dashboard closeup of choke and wiper buttons dashboard closeup of headlamp button dashboard closeup of hazarda button dashboard full view dashboard full view dashboard full view


Another project I never thought to document. What I did:

  1. used cardboard to pattern out the existing dashbaord
  2. bought a gorgeous piece of 3/8-inch thick cherry
  3. transferred the pattern to the wood
  4. cut it out with jigsaw
  5. used letter punches to stamp in the labels
  6. applied a protective varnish
  7. rubbed white paint into the letters
  8. installed it!

I sold my little Spitfire in 2013 and I regret it.