a bright green lawn, freshly cut, with a sign in it that reads veteran law care.

Logo Design


Veteran Property Professionals


A Canadian Forces veteran commissioned this logo for his landscaping business. He wanted something that portrayed the desireable traits of military service - like discipline and hard work. But he also wanted to ensure he appeared friendly and approachable.

The smiling soldier and proud pose seems to deliver on that ask. He is framed in a shovel shape which is also reflects the owner's shoulder patch from his uniform.


  • Logo Design
the veteran lawncare logo shows a soldier holding a shovel veteran lawncare logo in colour the wooden sign in process of being made the wooden sign in process of being made the wooden sign in process of being made

Multiple Applications

Of all the iterations, the logo design which was preffered by the client was one where the business name was integrated into the soldier icon. It had to be useable in many applications:

  • instagam
  • facebook walls
  • lawn signs
  • trucks

Unable to sway the client away from the "patch" style logo (which did look great on clothing), I new I had to offer an alternative. This compromise led to the alternate "signage version" seen above.